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MEGSM-622X Compact STM-4 Equipment


MEGSM-622X is a STM-4 equipment and its technical performance complies with ITU-T standards.
This system features a high degree of integration, compact conformation and strong network adaptability. It also complies with international standards of vibration, radiation, and electromagnetic standards.
MEGSM-622X provides two 622 Mb/s optical interfaces E and F, four 155 Mb/s optical interfaces A, B, C and D. It also provides a Network Elements (NE) timing function regulated by ITU-T G.813, 1414 VC-4 fully cross connection the granularity of which is VC-4, VC-3 or VC-12, and the channel protection function.
MEGSM-622X will work independently or co-work with MEGSM-155 series, as Add-Drop Multiplexer (ADM) or Terminal Multiplexer (TM) to consist chain, ring or multi-ring networks.
MEGSM-622X can also work as DXC equipment to cooperate with SDH equipments from other manufacturers, achieving smooth upgrading from STM-1 to STM-4 without influences to the existing network management system.


  • STM-1 optical interfaces A, B, C, D, which can work independently or be set as 1+1

optical ports protection

  • STM-4 optical interfaces E and F, which can be set as 1+1 optical ports protection
  • standard SEC (SDH Element Clock) recommend by G.813, external timing interface, SSM function and automatic switching of multiple timing referenceclock modes of tracing free run, locked and holdovernon-blocked cross connection among six optical interfaces, the granularity of which are VC-4, VC-3 and VC-12point-to-point, chain and ring topologiesD1~D3 bytes of the ECC channel, the network management protocol is TCP/ IP

Provides F (Ethernet) and f (RS232) NMS interface, network management platform. Realizes ITU-T standards on the resources, configuration, alarm,performance and security functions

  • Embedded network management software supports remote upgrading
  • 19 inch and 1U high, DC -48V power supply

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