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HS Sleeves

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HS Sleeves

Sc500 is a wraparound sleeves, closed by a slide-on metal channel. A flap extension on the sleeves, combined with the hotmelt adhesive, ensures a permanent, reliable seal. Sc500 repair sleeves are based on the youngjin technology of heat-shrinkable composite materials.
Sc500 repair sleeves are suitable for all types of non-pressured cables in direct buried, ducted or aerial applications. Wraparound repair sleeves are ideally suited for repairing any kind of sheath opening or sheath damages. Examples are: ring cute, trouble opening, fire and steam damage, cable ben cracks and corrosion. Sc500 is installed using a standard jointers torch. The sleeves are coated with heat-sensitive paint which changes color when sufficient heat is applied indicating that the adhesive has
been activated.

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