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RPM-GS16E Gigabit Ethernet and 16 E1s to fiber multiplexer


The RPM-GS16E is designed as point to point optical transmission system based on
Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). It integrates the traditional PDH multiplexer and 1000Mbps Ethernet optical transceiver, and can realize the 16 E1s and one 1000Mbps wire-speed Ethernet transmission over fiber.
It not only provides dual hot-pluggable optical interfaces to realize 1+1 optical protection,but also integrates one RS232 auxiliary channel and one Engineering Order Wire (EOW) channel. Furthermore, it owns many humanize functions, such as Automatic Laser
Shutdown (ALS), Remote Power down Detect (RPD) and so on.
It supports the management based on Command Line Interface (CLI). With the supper terminal integrated by PC, user can realize the monitor and configuration of the device. It also supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).
With low power consumption, high integration and well stability, it is a cost-competitive solution for the application where gigabit Ethernet and E1 are required simultaneously,such as the telecommunication, the electric power and the finance fields.


Realizes up to 16 E1s and one 1000M wire-speed Ethernet mixed multiplexing to optical fiber

Optical interface
Provides dual optical interfacesMSA(INF-8074i), ITU-T G.695, FC-PI V2.0 standards compliable, therefore hot pluggable is supported
Support 1+1 protection and Automatic Protect Switch (APS) with the recovering time less than 50ms
The line bit rate is 1.25Gb/stransmission distance is 30Km by default, and 80Km/120Km selectableoptical loop-back function, a great convenience for trouble shootingfunction supportableRemote Power down Detect (RPD) function, which can be used to distinguish the failures of remote power down or fiber broken

E1 interface
Provides up to 16 E1 interfaces, compliant to G.703, and balanced/unbalanced selectable Jitter tolerance, jitter transfer characteristic and jitter generation fully comply withG.823 and G.742 recommendationsloop-back function supported

Ethernet interface
Provides an Ethernet channel with up to 1000Mb/s bandwidthto IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.ab, IEEE 802.3x recommendationsauto-negotiation function, and can works in 10M full/half duplex, 100M full/ half duplex, 1000M full duplex mode (1000M half duplex is not support)
Proprietary technique (patent pending) adopted to prevent Ethernet frames from looping back in case of unexpected optical loop-back
The transmission media is category 5 UTPconnectortelephone set can be usedtones of dial, ringing, ringing back, engaged and howlingauxiliary channelbit rate can be up to 38.4Kb/s
Network management interfaceCommand Line Interface (CLI) based on RS232 (UART) or Ethernet (TELNET) management interface
Supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP, V1 and V2C)the device alarm and status monitor, E1 and optical loop back
configuration, etc.

Alarm Supervision

No optical signal (NOP), Loss Of Frame (LOF), 10 error, 10 error for optical lines Loss Of Signal (LOS), Code Violation (CV) for E1 tributaries
Remote/local alarm are selectable to be displayed by LEDalarms of unused E1 tributaries can be shieldedalarm supported and can be mute


Single-board design with small dimension, 1 U high and can be installed on standard rackpower supply220V AC or -48V DC220V AC & -48V DCtwo 220V ACtwo -48V DCconsumptionthan 11W

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