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Bolt Assembly Type

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Optical Fiber Closure

Bolt Assembly type

ctnetworks Fiber Optic Closures CT2000 designed for operational efficiency and scalability are infrastructure solutions for FTTx networks. The closure simplifies FTTx network installation, maintenance and management from central office to the each outside plants. CT2000 provides for connections between fiber optic cables and passive optical splitters in the outside plant. The closure protects fiber optic splicing point and can be mounted to support aerial, buried and underground applications. CT2000 has high mechanical strength against any environmental conditions and allows rapid network installation

Multiple Gasket

Multiple gasket allows to adjust its diameter depending on the cable diameter, and designed to accommodate various number of branches for feeder, distribution, and drop cables which is necessary for FTTx network.

Removable Splice Tray

The splice tray of CT2000 is allowed to pile up 8 stories which covers up to 288 core. According to the number of cable the number of splice tray is determined. The removable splice tray made this work possible to manage the cable more efficient.

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